Self Directed Healing Session

Self Directed Healing Session

Self Directed Healing

Self Directed Healing (SDH) is a simple, fast and measurable process that identifies the root cause and shifts deep blocks that enables one to achieve and sustain emotional health and wellbeing. This modality releases deep emotional pain and limiting beliefs energetically through the physical body and the conscious mind.

Self Directed Healing allows you to realise your potential, let go of limitations and heal yourself by working on mindset, emotional blockages and releasing old patterns. See positive change in a rapid and sustainable way on all levels:

  • Body

  • Mind

  • Emotionally

  • Energetically

  • Conscious level

  • Subconscious level

  • Superconscious levels.

One on one healing session

In the 75 minute SDH session we will:

  • Alleviate immediate stresses

  • Release blocked and heavy emotions from your physical body

  • Release conscious limiting beliefs for immediate clarity & inspiration

  • Obtain a clear sense of direction

  • Facilitate empowered decision making

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