What people are saying

“Lisa is an exceptional coach. She has helped my team and I grow on so many different levels emotionally, personally and professionally. She is a born people person with the natural ability to listen, engage and tap into areas that need improvement. She creates a very genuine connection and is amazing at tailoring programs specific to the individual. My team and I will continue using her services as we believe you can never stop learning and growing as a person. Highly recommend!”

- Ema, Australia

”To have Lisa as a mentor in my self-improvement journey is nothing short of a miracle. She has a keen sense of intuition and always offers me what I need to improve and develop into my full potential. Lisa has been crucial to my success, and I can't imagine my life without her. And whoever has the chance to work with her is lucky.”

- Alex, Romania

“Lisa is an incredible coach and mentor, I highly recommend her! Over the years, Lisa has inspired, educated, and supported 100's of my staff to overcome limiting beliefs and reach their highest potential. If you want to grow your business, and want your team to grow (and stay) with you... Lisa is the person to help!”

- Liz, Australia

“Lisa is a great coach and has helped me and my team excel over the last two years. Lisa adapts her coaching to fit your specific needs, both personally and professionally. Our team comes from a variety of cultural backgrounds, and with her incredible personal style was able to help each of them along their journey. If you need a personal coach, I can't recommend Lisa highly enough.”

- Chris, USA

"Lisa found the way to make me stop my overthinking mind, get out of my victim mode and help me design a plan to recognise the beauty inside me, my strengths, talents, and passion; with her wisdom and experience, she knew exactly how to help me untangle the pile of thoughts and feelings that were preventing me from seeing things with clarity, it was like if we were creating a symphony. Her coaching sessions are a blessing and her healing technique is out of this world!"

- Adriana, Mexico

“Lisa from Invigorate Me has helped me in more ways than I can remember. The best thing about Lisa's methods is making sure the goals are easy enough to be met. By doing smaller goals, it gets easier to reach the bigger goals. Everything has a timeline, and soon enough I was able to meet my goals even before the deadline. Lisa has also allowed me to deep dive into my genuine self and thus work on emotions that have been kept away and forgotten. She is truly an incredible coach”

- Joi, Philippines

“I absolutely love working with Lisa. She is such an incredible coach and I would highly recommend her services. She is able to adjust to your personal needs whether that would be advice or simply holding space. She also has tools and strategies at the ready to help you move through what you need to at the time. I’m very grateful for Lisa and the work she is doing.”

- Jess, Australia

“Thank God and Universe for allowing me to find an amazing woman who is helping me a lot, embracing me, pushing me to face my fears, traumas, and more. I can imagine how I started when I met Lisa and how now I feel; my life is getting better in different areas, my career, relationship, health & fitness, spirituality, etc.
I love how she manages her session; she continuously transmits peace, joy, and hope. Each time I finished my session, I felt a positive vibe; she has magical information that helps heal you. Thank you; I hope to meet you in person Lisa”

- Nayeli, Mexico

“Within the first few months of working with Lisa, I had taken a giant leap in my career by accepting a promotion as acting CEO of the company I was already employed by. This shift from team member to CEO was an intimidating one. However, with Lisa’s holistic & customisable approach to her coaching, she gave me the tools to step into the role with conviction as a leader and helped me transform my self-perception entirely which in turn enabled a great amount of confidence.

She has a beautiful combination of practical, implementable tools that improved my already existing skills, with a deep understanding of the internal work required for personal, professional & even spiritual development.
Lisa is an incredibly gifted coach that I am eternally grateful for and I happily recommend her to anyone wanting to better themselves in any area of their lives.”

- Ren, Australia

“Lisa is an excellent coach and an outstanding mentor. She is a wonderful person who understands how to bring out the best in others and helped me get better in many areas of my career”

—Sinead, South Africa

“I've been working with Lisa for 9 months now and she helped me navigate some of my blockages both professional and personal by constantly guiding me to explore the core of it. Her tools are useful and her approach is always focused on your needs and the "why". Sessions with her are a breath of fresh air, her approach is truly unique and her energy is so nurturing and refreshing. I am always looking forward to our next session! I would totally and wholeheartedly recommend her!”

- Andreea, Romania

“When I started monthly coaching sessions with Lisa my self-esteem was low, my thought process was very toxic and negative and I was so overwhelmed, and so stressed I was getting physically ill. Within a few months, Lisa built my confidence, but also helped me understand and heal a lot of my childhood trauma.

What sets Lisa apart from other coaches is that she's not just a coach she's also an expert motivator and a great cheerleader. She's someone who has the skill to help you build your sense of self-worth and confidence. Lisa changed my life & I will always be grateful for the help she gave me to become a better version of myself.”

— Ramona, Romania


“Lisa is an amazing person and coach. She is kind and a great listener. I found our coaching sessions invaluable the things we discussed during these sessions I am still using and carrying forward in my everyday interactions with people. She really gets it, is open-minded, approachable and great at helping you find a path forward.”

- Lee, South Africa

“Lisa is a dedicated and passionate coach. She approaches every situation with a level of empathy that is rare to find. Her ability to look at a situation from multiple lens' and think outside the box gives allows her to find the best solution for whomever she is working with. In our tenure together, Lisa supported my personal and professional goals by listening and taking a genuine interest in my success. She is an excellent mentor”

- Glynnis, USA

“Lisa is a professional who naturally manages to make you feel at ease. She is emphatic while still being encouraging and challenging you to find your own answers. The sessions I had with Lisa where eye opening. She guided and provided continuous support on my journey to self-rediscovery. Her approach is totally non-judgmental and the sessions are really focused on you and on what you want to achieve and your goals. She not only helped me grow personally but also professionally. Im forever grateful for her.

— Daniela, Colombia

Lisa is a brilliant personal and professional development coach and mentor! I have had the pleasure to work with her at Unicef Australia, and I am eternally grateful and thankful for her amazing help. It was a high-pressure job and she was fantastic at motivating, inspiring and guiding me to achieve my goals. She is someone you can trust, she has always the best tips and tricks, and really knows how to bring the best out of people. She helped me grow both personally and professionally. Her friendly nature, amazing smile, and intelligence will surely help you achieve anything! Highly recommend!”

-Silvia, Australia


“I had the pleasure of working with Lisa for about 9 months. Her strategies allowed me to recognise my strengths and weaknesses. Her coaching tools are very practical and her process helps you focus on your needs. After my sessions with her, a new me is born.”

- Koko, Nigeria

“I have had the pleasure to work alongside a brilliant heart with an even more brilliant brain. Lisa was truly a blessing to work with. She had plenty of tricks in her bag to motivate, inspire and lead people to achieve their goals. She would go beyond and above to inspire people and would help staff in their personal growth, mindset and development.”

-Saffiulah, Australia